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Intra-CDCC trade in the 1990s

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Intra-CDCC trade in the 1990s

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe Descripción física: 27 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Fecha: julio 1998 Signatura: LC/CAR/G.542


Growth in world trade has consistently outstripped growth in world output in recent years. This paper analyses the evolution of trade flows among member countries of the Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee (CDCC); and highlights recent developments in the individual trade policies of the countries. Analyses are conducted at the level of OECS, CARICOM, and non-CARICOM CDCC countries. The paper concludes that intra-CDCC trade remained limited compared to CDCC member countries trade with the rest of the world.