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Why Standardize Geographical Names and The UN-GGIM, UNGEGN Collaborative Project

17 de octubre de 2023|Evento

Organized by United Nations Statistics Divisions (UNSD). This is a side event of the Tenth Session of UN-GGIM: Americas (17 to 20 October 17 2023).

This side event examines what is a geographical name and explains why names standardization is important and beneficial to people and countries. The importance of national names authorities is briefly addressed. Furthermore, the module explains UNGEGN’s structure and governance  rrangements, its working procedures, its mission and, objectives. A short simulation exercise will be done in which the community seeks approval to create and change place names by making a presentation to their Geographical Names Authority. The side event will end with a discussion on the  Collaborative UNGGIM/UNGEGN project.


  • Raise awareness on the importance and benefits of geographical names standardization
  • Strengthen UNGEGN’s profile, by informing of its existence and on the work that it is been done by its members (Bureau, Divisions, Working Groups and Liaison officers)
  • Encourage countries not having national geographical names authorities to consider creating such bodies and
  • Inform on and gain interest to participate in the collaborative UN-GGIM/UNGEGN project to identify good practices between NMAs and NGNAs

17 Oct 2023

  • Why Standardize Geographical Names and Collaborative Project

    11:30 a 12:50

    Conducted by: Cecille Blake, UNSD

    - Welcome and overview of the side event

    - Presentation
       UNGEGN’s structure and operations

    - Group Simulation exercise
       Seeking approval to create and change a place name by a Geographical Names Authority

    - Discussion
       Collaborative UN-GGIM/UNGEGN project

  • Summary and Closing remarks

    12:50 a 13:00

    - Cecille Blake, UNSD