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Positive Community, Positive Role Models

24 de noviembre de 2018|Evento

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the UN system and several civil society organisations will gather at the Enterprise Government Primary School on 24 November 2018 to present the event 'Positive Community, Positive Role Models'.

This occasion will mark two important initiatives, which are the International Men's Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, with a specific focus on boys and men. The event will focus on the needs and challenges experienced by boys and young men in particular, and will highlight stories of inspirational role models who have overcome some of these challenges. The event will also address key thematic areas in a broader context of gender equality, including health and wellness, youth development and positive fatherhood, and crime and violence prevention, including gender-based violence.

The event will feature interactive presentations and entertainment, as well as booths from each organisation to showcase information and provide services that could benefit the community.