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CEPAL Review no. 138

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CEPAL Review no. 138

Physical Description: 236 páginas Date: December 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2022/24-P ISSN: 0251-2920



Table of contents

The effect of broadband on economic growth in Latin America: an approach based on a simultaneous equations model / María Verónica Alderete .-- Argentina’s economic relations with China and their impact on a long-term production strategy / Marta Bekerman, Federico Dulcich and Pedro Gaite .-- Which revealed comparative advantage index to choose? Theoretical and empirical considerations / Rémi Stellian and Jenny Paola Danna-Buitrago .-- The effects of domestic demand shocks on inflation in a small open economy: Chile in the period 2000–2021 / Ramón Eugenio López and Kevin Alejandro Sepúlveda .-- Brazilian agriculture before the Targets Plan: the functionality of agrarian reform during the constrained industrialization period / Pedro Vilela Caminha .-- A relationship between job quality and economic growth over the long run and the role of labour institutions: the case of Uruguay, 1991–2018 / María Sylvina Porras .-- The Chile-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement: a synthetic control assessment / Dorotea López Giral, Felipe Muñoz Navia and Javiera Cáceres Bustamante .-- The location of the upper socioeconomic stratum of Santiago’s population in the period 1977–2017: deconcentration or expansion of its traditional habitat? / Jorge Rodríguez Vignoli .-- A portrait of success: Uruguayan firms in international trade / Adriana Peluffo .-- Cooperatives versus traditional banks: the impact of interbank market exclusion / Raphael Bergoeing and Facundo Piguillem.