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CEPAL Review no. 135

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CEPAL Review no. 135

Physical Description: 230 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: December 2021 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2022/3-P

Table of contents

Industrial policy, economic growth and international engagement: a comparison of selected countries / Nádia Campos Pereira Bruhn, Cristina Lelis Leal Calegario and Michelle da Silva Borges .-- The relationship between universities and business: identification of thematic communities / Cristian Brixner, Octavio Lerena, Mariana Minervini and Gabriel Yoguel .-- The economic impacts of tourism-related private investment in Jamaica / Martín Cicowiez and Romina Ordoñez .-- Fiscal and monetary policy rules in Brazil: empirical evidence of monetary and fiscal dominance / Tito Belchior S. Moreira, Mario Jorge Mendonça and Adolfo Sachsida .-- Exchange rate regimes, structural change and capital mobility in a developing economy / Stefan Wilson D’Amato and Luciano Dias de Carvalho .-- The demand for cash: stylized facts and substitution by electronic means of payment / Luis Cabezas and Alejandro Jara .-- Latin America and China: mutual benefit or dependency? / Damares Lopes Afonso, Suzana Quinet de Andrade Bastos and Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli .-- The inclusion of poor youth in the Brazilian labour market and the impact of the Bolsa Família programme / Gilson de Oliveira and Augusta Pelinski Raiher .-- The spatial concentration of high-skilled workers and city productivity: the case of Latin America / Miguel Vargas and Nicolás Garrido .-- Tax exemption in Brazil in 2009: why vehicles and not agriculture? An interregional general equilibrium analysis / Leonardo Coviello Regazzini, Carlos José Caetano Bacha and Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho

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