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Contact information:

Address: Av. Dag Hammarskjöld 3477, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
Central telephone: (56) 22210-2000; (56) 22471-2000
Main fax: (56) 22208-0252; (56) 22208-1946
Postal address: Casilla 179-D, Santiago, Chile
Zip code: 7630412


Office of the Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary
Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs

Deputy Executive Secretary
Mr. Javier Medina Vásquez

Deputy Executive Secretary for Management and Programme Analysis
Mr. Raúl García-Buchaca

Chief of Staff of the Office of the Executive Secretary
Ms. Silvia Hernández Sánchez

CEPAL Review Unit
Mr. Miguel Torres, Officer-in-Charge 

Public Information Unit
Mr. Guido Camú, Chief 

Conference Services Unit
Ms. Margarita de Igarzabal, Supervisor a.i.

Mr. Wouter Schallier, Chief 


Office of the Secretary of the Commission

Mr. Luis Fidel Yáñez, Chief 


Programme Planning and Operations Division

Mr. Raúl García-Buchaca, Deputy Executive Secretary for Management and Programme Analysis

Programme Planning and Evaluation Unit
Ms. Sandra Manuelito, Chief
Project Management Unit

Mr. Gerardo Mendoza, Chief

Budget Unit
Mr. Javier Sánchez, Chief


Economic Development Division

Mr. Daniel Titelman, Chief

Fiscal Affairs Unit
Mr. Noel Pérez, Coordinator

Employment Situation and Dynamics Unit
Mr. Ramón Pineda, Coordinator

Financing for Development Unit
Mr. Esteban Pérez Caldentey, Coordinator 

Social Development Division

Mr. Alberto Arenas, Chief


International Trade and Integration Division

Mr. Keiji Inoue, Officer-in-Charge 

Regional Integration Unit
Mr. José Durán, Chief 

International Trade Unit
Mr. Nanno Mulder, Chief 

Infrastructure Services Unit
Ms. Miryam Saade Hazin, Officer-in-Charge


Division of Production, Productivity and Management

Mr. Marco Llinás, Director

Unit on Investment and Corporate Strategies
Ms. Cecilia Plottier, Chief a.i.

Innovation and New Technologies Unit
Mr. Sebastián Rovira, Chief a.i.


Statistics Division

Mr. Rolando Ocampo, Chief

Social Statistics Unit
Mr. Xavier Mancero, Chief


Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division

Mr. Carlos de Miguel, Officer-in-Charge 

Unit of Policies for Sustainable Development
Mr. Carlos de Miguel, Chief

Unit of Economics of Climate Change
Mr. Santiago Lorenzo, Chief

Unit of Human Settlements
Mr. Diego Aulestia, Chief


Natural Resources Division

Mr. Carlos de Miguel, Officer-in-Charge

Non-Renewable Resources Unit
Mr. Mauricio León, Chief

Water and Energy Unit
Mrs. Rayén Quiroga, Chief

Agriculture and Biodiversity Unit
Mr. Adrian Rodriguez, Chief

Division for Gender Affairs

Ms. Ana Güezmes García, Chief


Documents and Publications Division

Ms. Sally Shaw, Chief 

Spanish Unit
Ms. Mariana Irisarri, Chief

English Unit
Ms. Janine Lissandre, Chief

Terminology and References Unit
Ms. Stella Pérez, Supervisor

Documents and Publications Control Unit
Ms. Erika Fucaraccio, Supervisor

Editorial Graphics Unit
Mr. Guillermo Chirino, Supervisor

Dissemination and Marketing Unit
Mr. Rodrigo Flores, Supervisor

Distribution Unit
Mr. Rodrigo Orellana, Supervisor

Administrative Support Unit
Mr. Luis Galain, Chief


Division of Administration

Mr. Jorge Cordero, Director

Human Resources Section
Ms. Irene Barquero, Chief 

Financial Services Section

General Services Section
Mr. Eduardo Lyon, Chief 

Information and Communications Technologies Section
Mr. David del Moral, Chief 

Security and Safety Section
Mr. Dario Conte, Chief


Population Division (CELADE)

Mr. Simone Cecchini, Chief 

Demographic and Information on Population Area
Ms. Fabiana del Popolo, Coordinator

Population and Development Area
Ms. Zulma Sosa, Coordinator


Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES)

Ms. Cielo Morales, Chief

Local and Regional Development Area
Ms. Elena Díez Pinto

Budgeting and Public Management Area
Ms. Valeria Torres

Education and Training Area
Ms. Cielo Morales - Ms. Elena Díez Pinto 

Área de Planificación, Prospectiva y Desarrollo Territorial
Ms. Elena Díez Pinto


Subregional headquarters and national offices

ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean - Port-of-Spain
Ms. Diane Quarless, Chief 

ECLAC subregional headquarters in Mexico - Mexico, D.F.
Mr. Jorge Mario Martínez, Director 

ECLAC office in Bogotá - Santafé de Bogotá
Ms. Ángela Penagos, Chief a.i.

ECLAC office in Brasilia - Brasilia
Ms. Camila Gramkow, Director a.i.

ECLAC office in Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires
Mr. Martín Abeles, Chief 

ECLAC office in Montevideo - Montevideo
Mr. Gabriel Porcile, Chief 

ECLAC office in Washington - Washington, D.C.
Mr. Andrés Valenciano, Director a.i.