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CEPAL Review no. 127

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CEPAL Review no. 127

Physical Description: páginas. 24 Date: April 2019 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2019/6-P ISSN: 0251-2920

Table of contents

Challenges in innovation management for Latin America and the Caribbean: an efficiency analysis / José G. Aguilar-Barceló and Fernanda Higuera-Cota .-- Productive investment in Chile’s economic development: trend and challenges / Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Álvaro Díaz .-- Local economic development policies in Chile’s municipalities: beyond welfarism / Felipe Correa and Marco Dini .-- Argentina’s competitiveness matrix: the natural resource controversy and the country’s evolving trade position / Virginia Laura Fernández and Marcelo Luiz Curado .-- Trade misinvoicing in copper products: a case study of Chile and Peru / Michael Hanni and Andrea Podestá .-- Labour market fluidity and employment outcomes in Colombia: evidence from employer-employee linked data / Leonardo Fabio Morales and Daniel Medina .-- Analysis of Brazilian industry’s dependency on imported inputs between 2000 and 2014 / Valéria Silva Mortari and Maria Aparecida Silva Oliveira .-- External constraints on the Cuban economy in the current environment of uncertainty / Juan Carlos Palacios Cívico .-- Who has been driving the creation of industrial employment in Argentina? An analysis of the role of innovation / Mariano Pereira and Ezequiel Tacsir .-- The great divide: economic complexity and development paths in Brazil and the Republic of Korea / Gustavo Britto, João P. Romero, Elton Freitas and Clara Coelho .-- Older adults in the digital age in Latin America: bridging the digital age divide / Guillermo Sunkel and Heidi Ullmann.

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