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The secretariat of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC):

Provides substantive secretariat services and documentation for the Commission and its subsidiary bodies;

Undertakes studies, research and other support activities within the terms of reference of the Commission;

Promotes economic and social development through regional and subregional cooperation and integration;

Gathers, organizes, interprets and disseminates information and data relating to the economic and social development of the region;

Provides advisory services to Governments at their request and plans, organizes and executes programmes of technical cooperation;

Formulates and promotes development cooperation activities and projects of regional and subregional scope commensurate with the needs and priorities of the region and acts as an executing agency for such projects;

Organizes conferences and intergovernmental and expert group meetings and sponsors training workshops, symposia and seminars;

Assists in bringing a regional perspective to global problems and forums and introduces global concerns at the regional and subregional levels;

Coordinates ECLAC activities with those of the major departments and offices at United Nations Headquarters, specialized agencies and intergovernmental organizations with a view to avoiding duplication and ensuring complementarity in the exchange of information.


Background: This information was obtained in "Organization of the secretariat of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean", Secretary-General's bulletin, 7 February 2000, ST/SGB/2000/5.