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CEPAL Review no. 126

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CEPAL Review no. 126

Physical Description: 212 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Date: December 2018 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2018/26-P ISSN: 0251-2920

Table of contents

China’s quest for natural resources in Latin America / Felipe Freitas da Rocha and Ricardo Bielschowsky .-- Corporate governance and international bond issues by Latin American corporations / Georgina Núñez Reyes, Ignacio Perrotini Hernández and Francisco López-Herrera .-- The spillover effect of Chinese growth on South America: an analysis from international trade / Gercione Dionizio Silva, Marília Fernandes Maciel Gomes and Evandro Camargos Teixeira .-- Territorial inequality, equalization transfers and asymmetric sharing of non-renewable natural resources in Latin America / Giorgio Brosio, Juan Pablo Jiménez and Ignacio Ruelas .-- Determinants of income inequality reduction in the Latin American countries / Carmen Ramos Carvajal, Mercedes Alvargonzález Rodríguez and Blanca Moreno Cuartas .-- Does Amazonian land use display market failure? An opportunity-cost approach to the analysis of Amazonian environmental services / Marcelo Bentes Diniz, Vanessa Da Paixão Alves and Márcia Jucá Teixeira Diniz .-- Trade integration and export diversification: El Salvador’s trade with the United States and Central America / Raúl Vázquez and Rodrigo Alfonso Morales .-- Can the informal sector affect the relationship between unemployment and output? An analysis of the Mexican case / Alejandro Islas-Camargo and Willy W. Cortez .-- Social classes, economic sectors and changes in the Chilean social structure, 1992 and 2013 / Pablo Pérez Ahumada .-- What can be done about the dearth of information for local decision-making? An analysis from the design of a territorial development index based on administrative records / Ismael Toloza, Sergio Sánchez and Javier Carrasco.

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