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Economics of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: a graphic view

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Editor: Sánchez, Luis UN symbol.: LC/TS.2017/84/Rev.1 61 p. Editorial: ECLAC August 2018


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the twentyfirst century given its global causes and consequences and the scale of the coordinated efforts that will be needed to alleviate its negative impacts, adapt to new climate conditions and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The primary aim of this publication is to provide a concise, graphic presentation of the basic assumptions and statistical data relating to the economics of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. This presentation of a set of stylized facts is intended to serve as a tool for improving the design, instrumentation and evaluation of public policies for the twenty-first century that are focused on transforming the current style of development and transitioning into a more sustainable one. In addition to the preceding preface and this introduction, this study will explore nine theses regarding climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean along with seven of the challenges that it poses.

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