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LAC Regional Workshop on Environmental Accounting: Sustainable Development Agendas: How energy and emission accounting can contribute to policy design and decision making

This workshop is organized jointly by ECLAC, World Bank-led global partnership Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services Partnership (WAVES) and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Antigua, Guatemala - 16-18 May 2017


The workshop will contribute to the dialogue on energy related country and regional development agendas, including ECLAC’s “environmental big push” as outlined in the document “Horizons 2030” which was presented by ECLAC to its member states in its 36th session. This push is crucial to achieve structural change in LAC countries in order to fully move towards sustainable development, reduce poverty and share prosperity.

Concept Note and Agenda 

List of participants



16 MAY: Background and Introduction to Energy and Emissions Accounting


Inauguration with authorities and representatives

Session 1: Background: Environmental accounting in LAC, SDGs and Horizons 2030

Session 2: Context: Key energy issues, goals and policies

Session 3: Energy (and emission) statistics, balances and accounts

Session 4: Short exercise on energy accounts

17 MAY: The policy relevance of energy and emissions accounting

Session 5: SDG indicators from energy and emissions accounts

Session 6: How the accounts can inform energy policies and strategies

Session 7: Climate Change and energy and emissions accounts 

Session 8: Green Growth and energy and emissions accounts 

18 MAY: Implementation of Energy and Emissions Accounting

Session 9: How to get to an energy account and use it? 

Session 10: Possibilities for South-South cooperation, Way forward and Closure of the workshop



Compendio de artículos sobre cuentas de energía y emisiones en los países de ALC (Only Spanish)

Avances y desafíos de las Cuentas Ambientales en América Latina y el Caribe ALC (Only Spanish)


Taller regional de contabilidad ambiental de América Latina y el Caribe
16-18 May 2017
Meetings and technical symposiums


Birgit Altmann
Division de Estadisticas


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