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Reshaping Relationships Across the Americas

2 de octubre de 2023|Evento

Top legal and business professionals from the United States and Latin America as they look to bridge industries and drive collaboration across borders. This year’s discussions will focus on how businesses across various industries are reshaping relationships within the region, as well as the transforming role and rising opportunities for the legal community.

The Director of the Washington DC Office, Andres Valenciano was the Keynote Speaker for the Panel:

Latin America and the Caribbean in the 2020s: A More Productive, Inclusive, and Sustainable Development Model

In a regional context of weak growth, high inflation, and growing inequality, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean must focus policies on reactivating, rebuilding, and transforming economic and production systems to advance towards low-carbon and high-tech economies that address climate change and its structural challenges. In this scenario, what recommendations can be given to advance towards a renewed model for inclusive and sustainable growth?