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ECLAC thinking in the CEPAL Review (1976-2008)

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ECLAC thinking in the CEPAL Review (1976-2008)

Autor: Torres, Miguel - Hofman, André A. Descripción física: páginas. 9-26 Fecha: diciembre 2008 Signatura: LC/G.2396-P


This article examines the role of the CEPAL Review in disseminatingthe thinking of ECLAC and other currents of analysis concerned with theproblems of development. To this end, it examines some of the largecollection of articles published in the Review between 1976 and 2008,concentrating on those that most clearly address the permanent concernsof ECLAC (growth and technical progress, poverty and social inequity,sustainable development, and democracy and citizenship); and groupingthem by the editorial team in charge when they were published: Prebisch-Gurrieri, Pinto-Lahera and Altimir-Bajraj. It concludes by presenting andbriefly analysing essays published at various times in the CEPAL Reviewby Prebisch (1980);, Pinto (1976); and Altimir (1994);.