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The economic development of Latin America in the twentieth century

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The economic development of Latin America in the twentieth century

Autor: Hofman, André A. Descripción física: 322 páginas. Editorial: Edward Elgar Fecha: Enero 2000 ISBN: 1858988527


"This book provides an assessment of Latin American 20th century economic performance from a comparative and historical perspective. The author uses growth accounting methods and previously unavailable long-term series data to present a comprehensive analysis of Latin American development over the course of the century." "This book will prove a valuable asset to students and scholars of Latin American economics, international economics and development economics."--BOOK JACKET.


1. Introduction -- 2. Some Distinctive Characteristics of Latin America over the Long Run -- 3. Economic Performance in Latin America - A Comparative Quantitative Perspective -- 4. New Standardised Estimates of Labour Input and Human Capital -- 5. New Standardised Estimates of Capital Stock for Latin America and the USA -- 6. Explaining Latin American Post-War Development - The Growth Accounts -- 7. Performance and Policy in Latin America -- 8. Conclusions -- App. A. Population -- App. B. GDP Indices (1950 = 100) and Levels of Total and Per Capita GDP -- App. C. Activity Rates, Employment, Education and Labour Productivity -- App. D. Total and Disaggregated Gross Investment, 1900-1994 -- App. E. Standardised Estimates of Capital Stock -- App. F. Foreign Trade -- App. G. Prices -- App. H. Previous Non-Standardised Capital Stock Estimates in Latin America.