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The United Nations Regional Commissions: Enhancing Capacities To Eradicate Violence Against Women

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The United Nations Regional Commissions: Enhancing Capacities To Eradicate Violence Against Women

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL Descripción física: 49 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Fecha: Enero 2013 Signatura: LC/L.3568


This study captures the significant regional and national knowledge that has been accumulated on measuring violence against women through the interregional project "Enhancing capacities to eradicate violence against women through networking of local knowledge communities". Supported by the United Nations Development Account, this two-year project was coordinated by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), through its Division for Gender Affairs, and implemented by the five regional commissions of the United Nations, in cooperation with the United Nations Statistical Division and UN-Women. Through the project, more than 30 countries worldwide have been engaged in the development, dissemination and testing of core indicators endorsed by the United Nations Statistical Commission. This process has made a decisive contribution to designing and building consensus around a common methodology to measure and document violence against women. Furthermore, the inclusion of all five regions in piloting the newly-developed tools to measure violence has also ensured that these tools capture a more comprehensive and complex vision of violence as experienced by women across cultures and regions. This report presents an overview of the activities that have taken place in the five regions, and outlines the key outcomes and lessons learned. Through its activities, the interregional project has made the cumulative body of existing knowledge in terms of policies, findings, innovative practices, processes and statistical data available to policymakers, activists and women's organizations. New knowledge was also produced through national studies that examined underexplored sources of data on violence against women. National capacities to collect information on violence against women through official statistics were strengthened through targeted training activities as well as through participation in expert meetings which provided the space for an effective exchange of best practices.


Chapter I Violence Against Women. -- Chapter II Interregional Project activities. -- Chapter III Outcomes and lessons learned. -- Appendix I Core Indicators of Violence Against Women. -- Appendix I Core Indicators of Violence Against Women.