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Statistical Studies

This series compiles some of the quantitative and methodological works elaborated under regular activities of the Statistics Division. Among the relevant topics covered, we can mention the methodological  aspects of the production of statistics and economic indicators. Besides, some figures represent  some studies of living conditions prevailing in the countries of the region, emphasizing  poverty and lack of equity in the income distribution. Finally, there are several initial articles in this series including analysis and projections of the macroeconomic performance in different countries. ISSN: 1994-7364.


Disaggregating data in household surveys: Using small area estimation methodologies

Household surveys are widely used as a tool for obtaining information on people's socio-economic status and well-being. However, the accuracy of household survey estimates decreases significantly when it comes to making inferences for population groups who represent disaggregations for...

Autor: Molina, Isabel Descripción física: 101 p. Editorial: ECLAC Fecha: September 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/TS.2018/82/Rev.1