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Anuario Estadístico de América Latina y El Caribe | Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and The Caribbean

Provides basic statistics from the previous year on the economic, sociodemographic and environmental situation in the region. These data are part of the statistics available on CEPALSTAT, the ECLAC portal for statistical databases and publications [online]

Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean

Includes official figures from Latin America and the Caribbean up to 30 November of each year, an analysis of the region’s economic performance over the current year and projections for the coming months, on the basis of data provided by the region’s central banks and national statistical offices.

Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean

Published since 1948, this report examines various aspects of the previous year’s macroeconomic situation in the region and makes projections for the coming months. The study also includes country notes that review the performance of the main economic indicators in the period analysed.

Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Gives a yearly regional overview of foreign direct investment income and the activities of transnational corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing projections for the coming months. Analyses investment origin and destination patterns, as well as the impacts of investment on economic performance.

International Trade Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean

Reviews international and regional developments from a trade perspective, describing the principal global economic trends and structural changes in international trade, the main areas of trade growth and the changes these drive in the region (previously known as Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy).

Social Panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean

Adopts an integrated approach to look at different aspects of the social sphere in Latin America and provides diagnostics, measurements and proposals relating to poverty, income distribution, employment, demographic dynamics, gender affairs, health, education and social policies and programmes in the region.