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Institutional Documents and Books

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Institutional publications under the purview of the Office of the Executive Secretary, prepared for sessions, high-level conferences, summits and the like. These publications fall into one category or another depending on the agenda and the type of preparatory materials. They set out the organization’s thinking and the actions it proposes to meet the challenges of development in the region. As such, the institution, not an individual or individuals, is the author.

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Women’s autonomy in changing economic scenarios

Women’s autonomy in changing economic scenarios

In the current regional context, progress towards the commitments set out in the Regional Gender Agenda and the 2030 Agenda must be accelerated as a matter of urgency, in order to face the many challenges posed by an economic scenario that is constantly changing due to economic, technological, demographic and climate changes. There is an international asymmetry among economic agents, in international trade, and in the capacity to innovate and generate new technologies, as well as between the main greenhouse-gas-emitting countries and those that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The region’s economy is growing less, while...

NU. CEPAL December 2019
206 p.