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August 2022 |
  • Durán Lima, José Elías
  • Banacloche, Santacruz

This manual summarizes the theoretical bases of the input-output model applied in the economic analysis of countries and groups of countries (...

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July 2021 |
  • Escaith, Hubert

This article proposes a new formulation of constant market share (CMS) trade analysis inspired by the statistical principles supporting revealed...

Publication cover
April 2021 |
  • Da Costa, Kaio Glauber Vital
  • Castilho, Marta Reis
  • Puchet Anyul, Martín

Starting in the 1980s, Brazil and Mexico adopted diverging trade and production strategies, which had significant effects on their respective...

Publication cover
January 2020 |
  • Lalanne, Alvaro
  • Sánchez, Guillermo

El presente documento busca contribuir a mejorar el conocimiento de las metodologías de evaluación de impacto de la política comercial,...

Publication cover
January 2020 |
  • Avendano, Rolando
  • Bontadini, Filippo
  • Mulder, Nanno
  • Zaclicever, Dayna

This document contributes to the scarce empirical literature on the role of services as a source of manufacturing competitiveness in developing...

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December 2019 |
NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe

For many countries, the acceleration of integration into the global economy and multilateral trading system provides an opportunity to access a...

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November 2019 |

En 2018, la inversión extranjera directa (IED) en el mundo se ubicó en su nivel más bajo desde 2009. Las entradas de IED fueron un 13% inferiores...

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October 2019 |
  • Cordero, Martha

Este documento sobre la inversión mexicana en Centroamérica contribuye al análisis de la inversión extranjera directa (IED) en Centroamérica que...

Publication cover
August 2019 |
NU. CEPAL. División de Desarrollo Productivo y Empresarial

This ECLAC annual report sets out and analyses the main foreign direct investment (FDI) trends in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean...

Publication cover
April 2019 |
  • Mortari, Valéria Silva
  • Oliveira, Maria Aparecida Silva

The aim of this paper is to analyse the extent to which different sectors of Brazilian industry were dependent on imported inputs between 2000 and...