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CEPAL Review no. 131

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CEPAL Review no. 131

Physical Description: 250 páginas. Date: August 2020 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2020/9-P/Rev.1 ISSN: 0251-2920


International financial cooperation to address the Latin American economic crisis / José Antonio Ocampo .-- Mapping social conflicts in natural resources: a text mining study of extractive activities / Ramiro Albrieu and Gabriel Palazzo .-- The ECLA technique of programming and economists in Argentina in the mid-twentieth century / Mariano Arana .-- Indicator of the efficiency of value added tax and income tax collection in Ecuador / José Ramírez-Álvarez and Paul Carrillo-Maldonado .-- Growth and heterogeneity of human capital: effects of the expansion of higher education on the income increase in Brazilian municipalities / Leonardo Andrade Rocha, Napiê Galvê Araújo Silva, Carlo Alano Soares de Almeida, Denison Murilo de Oliveira and Kaio César Fernandes .-- Macroeconomic stability and economic growth: myths and realities / Guillermo Le Fort Varela, Bastián Gallardo and Felipe Bustamante .-- The manufacturing industry in Mexico: a history of production without distribution / Germán Osorio Novela, Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda and Edison Jiménez López .-- Brazilian industry and knowledge absorption: internal and external company determinants / Philipe Scherrer Mendes, Gustavo Britto and Ana Maria Hermeto .-- The determinants of life satisfaction among Chilean workers / Rodrigo Montero and Álvaro Miranda .-- Constant real expenditure policy: the macroeconomic impacts of budget composition and a primary surplus Emerson Luís Lemos Marinho and Mauricio Benegas .-- Nationalism and development: an alternative for Mexico / Gaspar Núñez Rodríguez and José Antonio Romero Tellaeche.

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