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CEPAL Review no. 134

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CEPAL Review no. 134

Physical Description: 232 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: August 2021 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2021/13-P ISSN: 0252-0257

Table of contents

The impact of non-contributory cash transfers on poverty in Latin America / Simone Cecchini, Pablo Villatoro and Xavier Mancero .-- Ethnicity and social exclusion in Colombia in 2012–2017 / Edinson Ortiz Benavides and José Javier Núñez Velásquez .-- The incidence of poverty in Costa Rica between 1987 and 2017: stagnation or reduction? / Andrés Fernández Aráuz and Ronulfo Jiménez Rodríguez .-- The social discount rate in the evaluation of investment projects: an application for Ecuador / José Gabriel Castillo and Donald Zhangallimbay .-- The growth trajectories of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico:
a comparative view through the framework space lens / Carmem Feijo, Lionello Franco Punzo and Marcos Tostes Lamônica .-- Foreign direct investment flows: an analysis for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico based on the Grubel-Lloyd index / Álvaro Alves de Moura Junior, Pedro Raffy Vartanian and Joaquim Carlos Racy .-- Okun’s law in Mexico: an analysis of heterogeneity among States, 2004–2018 / Eduardo Loría, Susana Rojas and Eduardo Martínez .-- Rural employment trends in Brazil: an analysis using dynamic panel models / Evânio Mascarenhas Paulo, Francisco José Silva Tabosa, Ahmad Saeed Khan
and Leonardo Andrade Rocha .-- Reduction of the wage share of income and increasingly
precarious employment / Daniel Velázquez Orihuela .-- The economy of the North-East region of Brazil based on the 2011 regional input-output matrix / Marcos Falcão Gonçalves, Mateus de Carvalho Reis Neves and Marcelo José Braga

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