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ECLAC Global Agenda

10 May 2002|News

"Latin America and the Caribbean must adopt a positive agenda for the construction of a new international order and make a firm commitment to its implementation," the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) recommends, based on history: resistance to processes as profound as the current phase of globalization will fail over the long term.

In its report, Globalization and Development, ECLAC proposes alternatives for a more solid and equitable form of globalization, and for better participation in the process. Its agenda seeks to overcome the deficit in global governance in order to ensure that "globalization becomes a positive force for people all over the world."

In the absence of suitable institutions, globalization is proving to be a disintegrative force, which makes necessary "a circle of complementary global, regional and national institution-building" to cope with these forces, the document points out. Great gaps in the current international order require a strengthening of global institutions that respect diversity and guarantee equitable participation in accordance with suitable rules of governance for all developing countries.

In summary, the Global Agenda includes: