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Inspiring seminar highlights how knowledge management and collaboration can enhance sustainable development

29 April 2024|Briefing note

Watch the recording and read the presentations from the parallel event highlighting intersections between Open Academia, Open Science, Open Education and Open Government.



On the sidelines of the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development 2024, the ECLAC Library, in collaboration with the International Federation of Associations of Librarians and Libraries (IFLA), hosted the side event “Knowledge Management to achieve the SDGs: Intersections between Open Academy, Open Science, Open Education and Open Government”. In total, 375 people participated, virtually and in person.

Leading experts in each of these domains shared experiences and insights from their respective fields. The panel discussion explored the dynamic intersections between Open Academy, Science, Education, and Government, uncovering opportunities for stronger collaboration across these realms and moving closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Watch the recording on YouTube and access each of the PowerPoint presentations here.