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Photograph of the dialogue of foreign ministers and high-level authorities.
26 October 2022 | News
Foreign Ministers and high-level authorities, along with prominent political figures from outside the region, met in the framework of the thirty-ninth session of ECLAC, which ends today in Argentina.
24 de October de 2022 | Speech
Discurso inaugural de José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Secretario Ejecutivo de la CEPAL (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 de octubre de 2022).
24 October 2022 | Press Release
With the presence of Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernández, authorities inaugurated the thirty-ninth session of ECLAC today in Buenos Aires.
23 October 2022 | Press Release
At its thirty-ninth session, which begins this Monday, October 24 in Buenos Aires, ECLAC will present the region’s countries with its proposal for driving higher, more sustained growth and sustainable and inclusive development.
Image of the front page of the ECLAC session web page
22 October 2022 | News
The 39th session of ECLAC will be transmitted via all of the institution’s platforms. Those interested can join the conversation using the hashtags #SESeclac2022 and #ReactivationWithTransformation.
Banner of meeting.
21 October 2022 | Announcement
The United Nations regional commission’s most important biennial meeting will take place on October 24-26 in Buenos Aires.
Photo showing meeting attendees
18 October 2022 | News
The 29th session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC) concluded on 14 October in Paramaribo, Suriname. Some of the most urgent and challenging issues facing the Caribbean were discussed at this meeting, inspiring a commitment to strategic action-oriented follow-up, to assure more dynamic sustainable development process.
18 October 2022 | Press Release
Convened by ECLAC Caribbean, the CDCC meeting is held every two years and gathers Caribbean Prime Ministers, Ministers and distinguished government officials.
13 October 2022 | Press Release
Convened by ECLAC Caribbean, and hosted by the Government of Suriname, the CDR was officially opened by the outgoing Chair, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Keisal Peters.
Family photo of delegates attending the CDCC meeting
13 October 2022 | Announcement
The meeting will be held on 14 October 2022 in Paramaribo, Suriname.
Banner of meeting.
12 October 2022 | Announcement
The Commission’s thirty-ninth session, which is its most important biennial gathering, will take place on October 24-26 in Buenos Aires.
CDR delegates
11 October 2022 | Announcement
The meeting will be held on 12-13 October 2022 in Paramaribo, Suriname.
Images Brazilian Federal Senate event
26 September 2022 | News
The Environment Committee of Brazil’s Federal Senate promoted a public presentation of more than 30 legislative proposals, drafted with ECLAC’s technical support, for driving the country’s development with economic, social and environmental sustainability.
23 September 2022 | Op-ed
By Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN High-Level Climate Change Champion for COP27 and Mario Cimoli, Acting Executive Secretary of ECLAC.
Testera Mesa Redonda sobre financiamiento climático
2 September 2022 | News
The Roundtable on Climate Finance and the Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean concluded today at ECLAC’s headquarters in Santiago.
1 September 2022 | Press Release
The Roundtable on Climate Finance and the Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean – one of the five regional forums being held ahead of the upcoming COP27, presided by Egypt – was inaugurated today.
Banner of meeting.
30 August 2022 | Announcement
This is one of the five regional forums on climate initiatives to finance climate action and the SDGs, which are taking place ahead of the upcoming COP27 presided by Egypt.
From left to right: Ewout Sandker, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation in Chile, and Mario Cimo
3 August 2022 | News
Mario Cimoli, the regional organization’s Acting Executive Secretary, participated in an expert dialogue in the framework of preparing the Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO) 2022 report.
Banner of the Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2022
25 July 2022 | News
The Big Push for Sustainability proposal, the circular economy, the social price of carbon and climate action are some of the issues advanced by the UN regional commission, along with various strategic partners, at the meeting that concluded on Friday, July 22 in the Dominican Republic.
Cover page of document.
22 July 2022 | News
Mega-drought, glacier melt, extreme rainfall and deforestation have major impacts.