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9 January 2019 | Announcement
On Tuesday, January 15, Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena will give a press conference at the regional organization’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
11 December 2018 | Announcement
The report, which analyzes the main characteristics of migration in the countries of the region, will be presented today at a press conference in the frame of the Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration.
10 December 2018 | Announcement
The annual report will be unveiled in a press conference and will include updated growth projections for 2019.
26 October 2018 | Announcement
Alicia Bárcena, the organization’s Executive Secretary, will hold a press conference on Wednesday, October 31.
12 October 2018 | Announcement
The meeting, co-organized by ECLAC, MINURVI and UN-Habitat, will take place on October 16-19 at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago, Chile.
1 October 2018 | Announcement
The Executive Committee of the Statistical Conference of the Americas of ECLAC will hold its seventeenth meeting on October 3-4 at ECLAC’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
28 September 2018 | Announcement
On Thursday, October 4, a high-level dialogue will take place with keynote addresses by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the UN regional organization; Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development; and Roberto Ampuero, Chile’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.
29 August 2018 | Announcement
During the event, which will take place at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile, this August 30, the results of the Corporate Governance Index 2018 will be presented.
26 August 2018 | Announcement
The twenty-seventh meeting of the Presiding Officers of the Regional Council for Planning will be held August 30, 2018 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and preceded by a high-level seminar on territorialization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the region.
16 August 2018 | Announcement
The document, which will provide updated growth projections for the region’s countries, will be released by the organization’s executive secretary, Alicia Bárcena, on Thursday, August 23.
6 August 2018 | Announcement
Head of State Martín Vizcarra will inaugurate the event on Tuesday 7 August at the Convention Center of Lima.
21 June 2018 | Announcement
*** ATTENTION: CHANGE OF DATE *** The document with updated figures will be presented at a press conference by the organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, on Thursday, July 5, in Mexico City.
30 May 2018 | Announcement
The third meeting of the Regional Conference on Population and Development, organized by ECLAC and the government of Peru, with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), will take place on August 7-9 in Lima.
3 May 2018 | Announcement
The UN regional commission’s most important biennial meeting will take place in Cuba.
27 April 2018 | Announcement
The Commission’s thirty-seventh session, which is its most important biennial gathering, will be held on May 7-11 in Havana.
22 March 2018 | Announcement
The meeting will be held on April 18-20 at the United Nations regional organization’s central headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
21 March 2018 | Announcement
The meeting organized by ECLAC will take place at the organization’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile on March 26-27.
8 March 2018 | Announcement
During a visit to Chile, on Tuesday, March 13 he will speak about the origins and future of economic inequality.
22 February 2018 | Announcement
The ninth meeting on Principle 10 will be held from February 28 to March 4 in San Jose and will feature the participation of the country’s President, Luis Guillermo Solís, and ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena.
4 January 2018 | Announcement
The event will be led by the institution’s top authority, Alicia Bárcena, and attended by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and four former Executive Secretaries of the Commission.