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Regional workshop on statistics of international trade in services

9 December 2020|Event

Organized jointly by ECLAC and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), in cooperation with the World Trade Organization (WTO). The main objective of the workshop is to help countries understand the concepts and definitions of the Manual of Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MECIS 2010), especially on selected topics such as digital trade and its applications to selected categories of trade in services.

Two main objectives of the Workshop include supporting countries in:

  1. Further advancing the implementation of MSITS 2010 recommendations especially for selected categories of trade in services, and
  2. Enhancing capacities to produce high quality data and meet an increased demand for timely and relevant data for policy needs in the Decade of Action and era of Covid-19 pandemic; addressing directly the aims of Goal 17 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Workshop will include presentations on conceptual and methodological issues, data sources, collection and compilation, country practices, and round-table discussions especially regarding challenging categories like travel, construction services, insurance and pension services, and regarding mode of supply and foreign affiliates statistics.

Primary target beneficiaries of the Workshop include compilers and producers of data and statistics of international trade in services:

  1. Statistical officers for trade in services
  2. Balance of payment statisticians
  3. National accountants
  4. Business statisticians

Secondary target beneficiaries of the Workshop include users of data and statistics of international trade in services:

  1. Ministries (Tourism, Trade, Economy, Finance)
  2. Other industry players (economists, lawyers, etc.)

9 Dec 2020

  • Palabras de apertura / Opening remarks

    12:00 to 12:10
    •    ▪ Rolando Ocampo, Director de la División de Estadísticas de la CEPAL
              » Nota conceptual del Taller regional sobre estadísticas del comercio internacional de servicios
              » Concept note of the Regional workshop on statistics of international trade in services
  • Resumen de conceptos y definiciones de ECIS / Recap on SITS concepts and definitions

    12:10 to 12:25
  • Clasificación del comercio de servicios - CGCE5 / Trade in services classification - BEC5

    12:25 to 12:40
  • Recopilación de datos y coordinación institucional: Experiencia de Colombia / Data collection and institutional arrangement: Colombia experience

    12:40 to 12:55
  • Estadísticas de servicios de viajes: Experiencia de Republica Dominicana / Travel services statistics: Dominican Republic experience

    12:55 to 13:10
  • Estadísticas de servicios de transporte: Experiencia de Panamá / Transport services statistics: Panamá experience

    13:10 to 13:25
  • Estadísticas de servicios: Panorama de la CEPAL para los países de la Alianza del Pacífico / Services statistics: Overview of ECLAC for the countries of the Pacific Alliance

    13:25 to 13:40
  • Ronda de discusión / Round table discussion

    13:40 to 14:10

10 Dec 2020

  • Directorios estadísticos de negocios: Experiencia de Argentina / Statistical business register: Argentina Experience

    12:00 to 12:15
  • Estadísticas de servicios de telecomunicaciones, informática e información: Experiencia de México / Telecommunication, computer and information services statistics: Mexico experience

    12:15 to 12:30
  • Otras estadísticas de servicios empresariales: Experiencia de Chile / Other business services statistics: Chile experience

    12:30 to 12:45
  • Estadísticas de servicios de construcción: Experiencia de Italia / Construction services statistics: Italy experience

    12:45 to 13:00
  • Big data para medir la economía digital: proyecto de la CEPAL / Big data for measuring the digital economy: ECLAC project

    13:00 to 13:15
  • Big Data para la medición de la economía digital en Brasil / Big Data for measuring the digital economy in Brazil

    13:15 to 13:30
  • Descripción del Acuerdo General sobre el Comercio de Servicios y modos de suministro y el trabajo estadístico de la OMC (TiSMoS) / GATS MoS and statistical work carried out by the WTO in this area (TiSMoS)

    13:30 to 13:45
  • Ronda de discusión / Round table discussion

    13:45 to 14:15

11 Dec 2020

  • Marco conceptual del comercio digital de servicios / Digital trade conceptual framework

    12:00 to 12:15
  • Comercio digital de servicios / Digital trade in services

    12:15 to 12:30
  • Exportación de servicios a través de redes de tecnología de la información y comunicaciones / Export of services through information and communication technology networks

    12:30 to 12:45
  • Retos de COVID-19 para la compilación ECIS / Challenges of COVID-19 to SITS compilation

    12:45 to 13:00
  • Comercio de servicios culturales / Trade in cultural services

    13:00 to 13:15
  • Comercio de servicios en cadenas globales de valor / Trade in services in global value chains

    13:15 to 13:30
  • Proceso de revisión del Manual de Balanza de Pagos y futuras revisiones de ECIS / Revision process of BPM and future revision of SITS

    13:30 to 13:45
  • Ronda de discusión y conclusión / Round table discussion and conclusion

    13:45 to 14:15