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Joint Meeting of SCA Member Countries and Members of the United Nations Regional Committee on Global Geospatial Information Management for the Americas (UN-GGIM-Americas)

Santiago, Chile - 5 Apr 2017

Practical information


  • 15:00 to 15:20
    Opening and Welcome Remarks
    • Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL / Executive Secretary of ECLAC)
      Mario Palma, Presidente de la CEA-CEPAL / President of SCA-ECLAC
      Rolando Ocampo, Presidente de UN-GGIM:Américas / President of UN-GGIM:Americas
  • 15:20 to 15:30
    Introduction of participants
  • 15:30 to 15:40
    ECOSOC Resolution for the Strengthening of UN-GGIM
    • Cecille Blake. Secretariado de UN-GGM / UN-GGM Secretariat
      ECOSOC Resolution on Strengthening UN-GGIM, the Process and Implications
  • 15:40 to 15:50
    ECLAC Resolution for the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information in the Americas
  • 15:50 to 16:00
    Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information (EG-ISGI). Statistical Commission - UN-GGIM
    • Rolando Ocampo, Co-chair del EG-ISGI / Co-chair of EG-ISGI.
      Integración de Información Estadística y Geográfica
  • 16:00 to 16:10
    Progress and Perspectives of the Geospatial Statistical Framework for the Americas
    • Carlos Augusto Molina, Delegado del DANE, Coordinador del GT-ISGI Américas / Delegate of DANE, Coordinator of EG-ISGI Americas
      Marco Estadístico y Geoespacial para las Américas (MEGA)
  • 16:10 to 16:30
    Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information in Agenda 2030 in the Americas
  • 16:30 to 16:40
    Opportunities for the integration of statistical and geospatial information: the Censal Round 2020
    • Pascual Gerstenfeld, CEPAL, ECLAC, SCA Secretariat / Secretariado CEA
  • 16:55 to 17:30
    Consultations and comments by Member States
  • 17:30 to 17:50
    Proposals for joint work steps and expected results for the next meeting of the Statistical Conference of the Americas
  • 17:50 to 18:00
    Conclusions and closure . Official Photography