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Conversation “Female leadership in the geospatial field”

19 October 2023|Event

Organized by UN-GGIM: Americas. This is a side event of the Tenth Session of UN-GGIM: Americas (17 to 20 October 17 2023).

Objective of the conversation

This conversation aims to initiate a first step to discuss the reality in the Americas about female empowerment in the geospatial field, with a view to building a regional community that inspires and empowers women in the geospatial sector, and transforms in leaders and agents of change.

Specific objectives

  1. Bring together women and men from UN-GGIM Member States: Americas to raise awareness about female leadership in the geospatial field;
  2. Identify priority issues and related solutions;
  3. Determine what role UN-GGIM: Americas should take on to enhance female leadership;
  4. Next steps 

19 Oct 2023

  • Female leadership in the geospatial field

    08:30 to 10:00

    Sofía Nilo Crisóstomo, President of UN-GGIM: Americas
     Welcome words 

    • Lucía Scuro, Division of Gender Affairs of ECLAC.
      Breaking the statistical silence to achieve gender equality: Advances and challenges with information from ECLAC's Gender Equality Observatory (OIG)
      Cecille Blake, UN-GGIM Secretariat
      Topic Gender Equity-UN frameworks and initiatives
      Gabriela García Seco, INEGI of Mexico
      Publicación del libro "Mujeres en la estadística y en la geografía"
      Loreto Ogaz Pino and Pamela Alvarado Balfor, Asociación de Geógrafas Feministas de Chile
      Geography of inequalities: navigating through female leadership gaps in the geospatial field
      Miriam González, Geochicas
      Developing leaders in Geospatial Communities: Challenges and Opportunities
      Pamela Castillo, Executive Secretary UN-GGIM: Americas and Cecille Blake, UN-GGIM
      Round table (trigger questions)
      Sofía Nilo Crisóstomo, President of UN-GGIM: Americas
      Closing and next steps