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CARIGEO- Session 2: Moving CARIGEO Ahead

19 October 2023|Event

Organized by CARIGEO. This is a side event of the Tenth Session of UN-GGIM: Americas (17 to 20 October 17 2023).

CARIGEO, is a collaborative initiative that seeks to geospatially empower the countries and territories of the Caribbean to advance the greater use and sharing of geospatial and statistical information to support improved decision making for sustainable national and regional development.

19 Oct 2023

  • Moving CARIGEO Ahead

    13:30 to 14:40

    Sofía Nilo, UN-GGIM Américas
       Welcome and Opening Remarks

    • Simone Lloyd, Jamaica Focal Point & Caribbean Vocal, CARIGEO Steering Committee
      CARIGEO Initiative Overview
      Valrie Grant, President, UN-GGIM Americas Private Sector Network
      CARIGEO Workplan
      Alvaro Monett, ECLAC & Chair of CARIGEO Steering Committee
      CARIGEO TOR: Current and Proposed
      Simone Lloyd, Caribbean Vocal
      Open Discussion & Way Forward
      Sofía Nilo, UN-GGIM: Américas
           Closing Remarks