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National Accounts Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean: regional implementation of the SNA 2008 and its relationship with other systems

8 November 2016|Event

The Seminar will address topics such as the state of implementation of the SNA 2008 at global level; the quarterly national accounts; the quarterly accounts for institutional sectors; the historical series of national accounts; the integrated systems for economic statistics and classifications; the social expenditure and national accounts; the new IMF national accounts manual; the measurement of the South-South Cooperation, among others.



Tuesday - November 8

Session 1: Inauguration of the Seminar: Goals, Organization and Logistic Matters

Welcome words

  • Pascual Gerstenfeld, Director of ECLAC Statistics Division
  • Ilaria Di Matteo, Statistics Division of United Nations (UNSD)

Participants introduction 

Submission and approval of the Agenda

  • Giovanni Savio, Chief of the Economics and Environmental Statistics Unit, Statistics Division, ECLAC


Session 2:  Overview of the Implementation of National Accounts at Global Level

Moderator: Giovanni Savio, ECLAC


Session 3: New topics in National Accounts

Moderator: Federico Dorin, ECLAC


Session 4 - Follow-up of the last meetings of the Statistical Conference of the Americas

Moderator: Federico Dorín, ECLAC


Session 5 - South-South Cooperation Measurement, state of the art and ECLAC proposal

Moderator: Enrique Oviedo, ECLAC


Wednesday – November 9

Session 6 - Quarterly National Accounts

Moderator: Ivonne Newland, Statistical Institute, Jamaica


Session 7 - Historical Series of National Accounts

Moderator: Patricia Marchant, ECLAC


Session 8 - Economical Statistics Integrated Systems and Classifiers

Moderator: María Paz Collinao, ECLAC


Session 9 - Social Expenditure and National Accounts

Moderator: Hernán Hernández, ECLAC


Thursday - November 10

Session 9 - Social Expenditure and National Accounts (Continuation)

Moderator: Hernán Hernández, ECLAC


Session 10 - Relationship between Balance of payments and National Accounts

Moderator: Lourdes Erro, Central Bank, Uruguay  ​(Spanish)


Session 11 - Information on the International Comparison Program (ICP)

Moderator: Giovanni Savio, ECLAC


Session 12 - Closure of the Seminar

  • Conclusions and closure words