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Informe de ejecución del programa bienal de actividades de cooperación regional e internacional, 2009-2011 de la Conferencia Estadística de las Américas de la CEPAL

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Signatura: LC/L.3389(CEA.6/16) 10 p. Editorial: CEPAL octubre 2011


The Strategic Plan 2005-2015 of the Statistical Conference of the Americas of ECLAC is intended to serve, now and in the future, as a frame of reference for the biennial programme of regional and international cooperation. This long-term vision will enable the Conference to optimize the contribution of this programme to the effective fulfilment of the four strategic goals of the plan. The programme sums up the specific aims for a two-year period, which are consistent with one or more of the four strategic goals of the plan and facilitate progress towards its implementation. Furthermore, it contains guidelines to provide direction and stimulate concrete action by countries, international and subregional organizations and the different coordination and cooperation bodies created for these purposes, such as the working groups and committees of experts.The programme does not describe all the activities carried out by the different international entities working in the area of statistics and cooperation in the region that are committed to undertaking activities and complying with responsibilities that help achieve the goals of the Conference. A complete list of activities can be found in the integrated programme of statistical activities database, which is available on the ECLAC website.With a view to enhancing the visibility of the commitments made by the working groups and international organizations in the biennial programme and facilitating the monitoring of their fulfilment, since the fifth meeting of the Conference, the biennial programme has contained a plan of activities summarizing and identifying the activities planned for the period in relation to the relevant strategic and specific goals and the entity responsible for carrying out those activities.The table below outlines the implementation of the activities contained in the plan of action of the 2009-2011 biennial programme, but does not include all the activities carried out by the countries and international organizations in the region during the period concerned. The reports by the working groups give a full account of the activities carried out.

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