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HLPF 2024 High-level Side Event: Critical Energy Transition Minerals to Accelerate Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

16 de julio de 2024|Evento

Critical Energy Transition Minerals (CETMs) are essential for attaining low-carbon technologies, and are thus crucial for achieving the climate ambitions outlined in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The demand for CETMs is expected to rise significantly, posing both opportunities and challenges for sustainable development, particularly in resource-rich countries. The side-event titled "Critical Energy Transition Minerals to Accelerate Progress Towards the SDGs" will delve into the different regional perspectives, and economic and development implications of CETMs. Participants will discuss how CETMs can drive economic diversification, value addition, and sustainable development while mitigating socio-environmental conflicts and ensuring fair benefit sharing. The Executive Secretaries of the UN Regional Economic Commissions, policymakers, and experts will gather to explore strategies for effectively managing the demand for CETMs and promoting international cooperation. The event will also highlight the role of United Nations initiatives, such as the Working Group on Transforming Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development and the UN Secretary General’s Panel on CETMs, showcasing efforts to support just transitions and enhance the global governance of CETMs.

To follow the livestream, please visit: Contacts: Rodrigo Furtado (ECLAC) and Regional Commissions New York Office (RCNYO)