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The digital trade policy environment in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The digital trade policy environment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Autor institucional: Ferracane, Martina F.-Fredes, Alejandro-Rogaler, Tomás-Mulder, Nanno Descripción física: 44 pages. Editorial: ECLAC Fecha: abril 2024 Signatura: LC/TS.2023/168


This report presents significant findings from the Regional Digital Trade Integration Index (RDTII), highlighting similarities and differences among the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean. After introducing the Digital Trade Integration database and the methodology used in RDTII, the report outlines the main index scores by country and pillar. Jamaica, with the lowest score of 0.14, has the most open regulatory environment for digital trade in the region, whereas Cuba, with the highest score of 0.62, has a regulatory environment that is quite restrictive. The report also summarizes the findings for each of the 12 pillars of RDTII and offers a snapshot of the regulatory similarity across pillars, highlighting the pillars that offer opportunities for practicable regulatory harmonization in the region. The document concludes with some policy recommendations.


Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Regional digital trade integration database and index .-- II. Main findings for the Latin America and the Caribbean region .-- III. Main findings by Pillar .-- IV. Conclusions and recommendations.