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Regional Digital Trade Integration Index (Version 1): A Guide

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Regional Digital Trade Integration Index (Version 1): A Guide

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL - ESCAP - ECA Descripción física: 92 páginas. Editorial: ECA Fecha: octubre 2022 Signatura: LC/TS.2022/100


The regional digital trade integration index (RDTII) results from cooperation among several United Nations Regional Commissions. This guide is based on the methodology and indicators of RDTII Version 1.0. It provides essential explanations of the structure and rationale of RDTII 1.0 and guidance on data collection and sources. It is expected to give a guideline to those involved in collecting regulatory data to analyze the digital trade regulatory environment based on the RDTII 1.0 framework. It is useful also for those who will use the index and related indicators for policy analysis and drafting.