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Second informative meeting of the International Comparison Programme(ICP) on the 2021 Round - the Caribbean

20 de agosto de 2020|Evento

Virtual meeting organized by ECLAC in its capacity as Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the ICP.

As previously reported, the World Bank's Global Office, in consultation with the Regional Implementation Offices, decided to postpone to 2021 the reference year of the next ICP cycle, as a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting will focus on reviewing the work strategy for the fulfillment of this program, the dissemination of operational materials and the schedule of activities for 2020-2023.

On August 19 was held the virtual meeting for the Latin America countries.

20 Ago 2020

  • Opening of the meeting

    11:00 a 11:35
    •   Rolando Ocampo, Director of the Statistics Division of ECLAC
      • Welcome remarks
      • Presentation of the participants
      • Approval of the meeting agenda
  • International Comparison Programme (ICP) Round 2021

    11:35 a 14:00
    • ▪ Global Status of the ICP 2021 Round and review of activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
      ▪ Summary of the First Technical Meeting of the ICP 2021 (Panama, December 2019)
      ▪ Review and progress of the work program with reference year 2021
            • 2021 Round timetable
            • Materials for 2021 Round
            • Communication mechanisms: Presentation ICP-ECLAC 2021 Round web page; Teams shared site
            • Agreements on steps forward
      ▪ Consultation with countries about their participation in the ICP 2021 Round
      ▪ Future activities and meeting closure