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Natural disasters workshops

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Natural disasters workshops

Autor institucional: CDCC Descripción física: 19 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC, Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Fecha: septiembre 2000


.--Natural Disasters Workshops-Preamble.--Natural Disasters Workshops-Introduction.--Natural Disasters Workshops-Background.--Natural Disasters Workshops-The Methodology.--Natural Disasters Workshops-The Workshops.--The Y2K Caribbean Census.--Education and It's Impact on Poverty.-- Poverty in the Caribbean.-- Accessing Quality Education.--Impact of Education on Poverty.--Education and Poverty-The way forward.-- ENDNOTES for Education and Poverty Article.--ECLAC Experts Meeting on Maritime Transport.-- Introduction-Maritime Meeting.-- rationale for the Meeting.-- Highlights of the Experts Meeting.--The way Forward.-- Abstracts of Documents recently published by ECLAC.