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Training and the small enterprises of Latin America

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Training and the small enterprises of Latin America

Autor: Labarca, Guillermo Descripción física: páginas. 35-50 Fecha: abril 1999 Signatura: LC/G.2055-P


The allocation of expenditure on training for small-scale enterprises in Latin America is a matter which requires clear guidelines. Increasing resources for this purpose is a necessary but not of itself sufficient strategy. The shortage of resources, their faulty allocation and the inefficiency in the use of those currently assigned to this class of enterprises are factors which make it necessary above all to take measures to ensure better use of the available resources, especially those of public origin. Likewise, it is necessary to find new sources of financing for training and upgrading the labour force, making use of suitable incentives. At the same time, it will be necessary to develop training techniques in keeping with the conditions of the countries of the region, to reform the existing institutions, and to establish new forms of relations among the actors concerned.