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ECLAC and the sociology of development

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ECLAC and the sociology of development

Autor: Faletto, Enzo Descripción física: páginas. 191-205 Fecha: abril 1996 Signatura: LC/G.1916-P


The principal sphere in which ECLAC's theses are situated is that of economics. However, as befits an integrated approach to development, the theories it has propounded also include sociological and political aspects. The social aspects of development have been a focus of attention at ECLAC since its creation, and in this area too it has endeavoured to avoid the mechanical transposition of existing theories to the region. Through an interchange of ideas with specialists from other institutions, it has sought to identify the specifically regional dimension of the problems dealt with and to determine the precise social and political conditions conducive to economic development. It has investigated the role of the State in development strategy, together with the part that consumers and diverse social groups might potentially play in the development process. It has also given its attention, within the context of the integration process, to the subject of the region's sociocultural identity. The combination of political will and proposals for development have been examined in detail in the planning experiments conducted. The investigations have closely monitored the adjustments tried out by society in the region. The development of the educational system, along with marginality and poverty, have also been important subjects, together with the situation of women and young people. At a time when new development strategies are taking shape, ECLAC has been studying the social costs of the adjustment, the role of education and the conditions for civic participation amidst the new conditions of social development, this last element being the central component of its approach advocating changing production patterns with social equity.