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Seminario subregional sobre fortalecimiento de la información sobre medio ambiente, cambio climático y desastres en el Caribe

23 de agosto de 2022|Evento

Este seminario es organizado por la División de Estadística y la Oficina Subregional para el Caribe de la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL), en colaboración con PARIS21, en apoyo de la Cuenta para el Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas y el Acuerdo de Escazú.

This event will bring stakeholders from Statistical Offices and Ministries of Environment of Caribbean countries to discuss the assessment and strategic capacity development of their climate change data ecosystems (CCDEs).

The subregional event will adopt a hybrid format with face-to-face sessions for country representatives and virtual participation of regional and global experts on climate change data.

The objectives of the meeting:

  • Understand better the critical climate change data capacity development areas that enable a coherent and sustained functioning of a climate change data ecosystem in low-resource and low-capacity contexts
  • Identify emerging good practices in the Caribbean region and promote knowledge sharing
  • Showcase new innovative tools developed by ECLAC to promote sustained technical capacity building for climate change and environment indicators

23 Ago 2022

  • Opening session

    09:00 a 11:00

    Moderator: Rolando Ocampo, Chief of the Statistics Division of ECLAC

       ▪ Mario Cimoli, Acting Executive Secretary of ECLAC
       ▪ Johannes Jütting, PARIS21
       ▪ Reena Shah, UNSD 
       ▪ Faustina Wiggins, CARICOM 
       ▪ Chamberlain Emmanuel, OECS
       ▪ Muhammad Anwar Baksh, CDEMA

    Presentation of the participants.

  • Session 1: Climate change and disaster data for effective action: where do we stand?

    11:00 a 11:30

    Moderator: Alda Díaz, ECLAC

  • Session 2: ECLAC dialogue on online training tool and regional network on environment and climate change statistics

    11:30 a 13:00

    Moderator: Alberto Malmierca, ECLAC

    • Georgina Alcantar, ECLAC Statistics Division
      Launch: “Regional Network of Environment and Climate Change Statistics
      Alexander Loschky, UNSD
      Presentation: “Overview of the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians, and the Global Network Webinars, and what they offer”
      Georgina Alcantar, ECLAC Statistics Division
      Launch: Online course “Introduction to Environment Statistics - Caribbean Region 2022”
        » Comments:
      Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Session 3: Mapping climate change data needs, gaps and key actors to develop capacities that enable a coherent and inclusive climate change data ecosystem

    14:30 a 15:45

    Moderator: Johannes Jütting, PARIS 21

    • Karina Cázarez, PARIS21
      Towards integrated, inclusive, and sustainable climate change data ecosystems for better climate action: An assessment framework
      Comments from countries
      Interactive discussion among participants using app
      - Q&A session
  • Session 4: Country perspectives on current climate change data approaches

    16:30 a 17:45

    Moderator: Abdullahi Abdulkadri, ECLAC

    • Jaabari Reynolds, Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment and Deborah Barnes, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance, Antigua and Barbuda
      Environmental data and information: Supporting evidence-based policies
      Kate Wilson, Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science Technology and Vocational Training of Saint Lucia
      Saint Lucia: Environmental, Climate Change and Disaster Information Systems
      Anjali De Abreu-Kisoensingh, General Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
      Environment and Climate Change Statistics in Suriname
      - Q&A Session
      - Closing remarks day 1

24 Ago 2022

  • High-level comments and recap from day 1

    09:30 a 09:45
    • Johannes Jütting, PARIS21
  • Session 5: The way forward: building capacities for greater impact on climate change reporting, disaster management, and decision-making

    09:45 a 11:15

    Moderator: Georgina Alcantar, ECLAC Statistics Division

  • Concluding remarks of the session

    11:15 a 13:00

     ▪ Rolando Ocampo, ECLAC
     ▪ Johannes Jütting, PARIS21

    • Break and Photo day 2 Room Raúl Prébisch
      Media interviews and dialogues
  • Beyond GDP: statistical challenges of measuring development

    14:30 a 17:30

    Seminar within the framework of the twenty-first meeting of the Executive Committee of SCA-ECLAC
    The seminar is presented as a space for dialogue with the authorities of national statistical offices and other statistical institutions on the various statistical challenges related to the improvement of GDP measurement and the production of complementary indicators to account for economic, social and environmental development.
    The seminar agenda is available at this link