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CARIGEO Executive Forum

30 de octubre de 2020|Evento

CARIGEO, is a collaborative initiative that seeks to empower the countries and territories of the Caribbean to advance the greater use and sharing of geospatial and statistical information to support improved decision making for sustainable national and regional development.


Executive forum
Executive forum

This Executive Forum is being staged to share knowledge and create awareness among the region’s senior decision makers on the value of leveraging geospatial and statistical data with related technologies to support policy development and decision making. The Forum also seeks to galvanize countries to action and commitment to participate in CARIGEO, through focused highlevel presentations that will highlight the geospatial development imperatives and good geospatial information management practices. 

Attendees will learn about the CARIGEO initiative, its four overarching key objectives of
1) strengthening geospatial information management governance and policies
2) creation of datasets and procurement and development of tools
3) enhancing collaboration and partnerships and 4) capacity development, communication and engagement, and the importance of institutionalizing and incorporating geospatial information management in national development strategies.

The issues to be addressed include: 1. The imperative to leverage geospatial data to accelerate change and support the Caribbean’s development agenda 2. The economic and social value of implementing geospatial initiatives 3. Making available and accessible fundamental geospatial datasets 4. Employing creative capacity building and resource retention measures to bridge the geospatial drain and skills gap 5. The value of collaboration, sharing and partnership which is the CARIGEO initiative 

National perspectives
  •   NG Siau Yong – Director Geospatial and Data & Chief Data Officer, Singapore    
  •   Elizabeth Stair – CEO & Commissioner of Lands, National Land Agency, Jamaica   
  •   Diana Castillo-Trejo – General Director, Statistical Institute of Belize