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In 2015 the latest version Redatam7 Fast&Friendly was released, and since then we have been fixing some minor problems reported by our users. The corrections made have been uploaded in the site for downloading all Redatam versions ( and as always available in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French

To download the software (free) go to:

Redatam7Red7_V3Rev1115  MBAugust 2017
Redatam WebServerRed_WebServer_V6Rev0714.5 MBFebruary 2017
Redatam+SPR+SP_V5Rev0733.4 MBApril 2012

La versión de Redatam7 funciona bajo la plataforma Microsoft Windows desde sus versiones 9x, NT, 2000 hasta Windows 10  -32 y 64 bits-.

Los requerimientos mínimos de Hardware son los mismos que necesita el sistema operativo base, con al menos 40 Mb libres de espacio disponible en disco, más el espacio para sus propias bases de datos REDATAM.

Redatam Webserver funciona bajo cualquier sistema operativo Windows -se recomienda versiones de servidor- y que tenga instalado un servidor de páginas web como Apache o IIS

Redatam7 works under Microsoft Windows under these operating systems:  9x, NT, 2000  through Windows 10  -32 and 64 bits-.

Hardware mínimum requirements are the same requirements of the Operating System requires, with at least 40 Mb free HD space plus enough memory for the databases.

Redatam Webserver Works under any Windows Operating System -we recommend to use web servers such as Apache or IIS

How to install Redatam7

To start the installation you must download the executable file in a temporary directory of your hard disk (could be the download folder).  Then run the .exe file (double click on the file) it is suggested to do it in Administrator mode.

The Redatam7 installation process presents a series of screens that allow the user to do a custom installation; the two versions Redatam+SP and Redatam7 can coexist on the same computer.

For the installation of the Redatam Webserver engine we suggest that the web administrator should do it after the web protocol Apache or IIS has been installed. The process consists of extracting the Redatam Webserver engine and a series of files and folders under the private and public folder defined by the administrator (we suggest under c:\servers\)  For development purposes any computer can be converted into a server using IIS or Apache protocol, once the application is ready it must be moved to a real server.

Old Redatam databases (Redatam+SP, Redatam+G4 y winR+ v1.2) can be used with Redatam7, their dictionaries must be previously converted to Redatam7 (.dicx) using the Red7 Admin module.


The software includes a sample database (New Miranda) so that users can begin to work with Redatam without having to wait for the creation of or obtaining its own Redatam database.  This database contains the dictionary in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.


Redatam7 and Redatam Webserver are still under development, we expect the users to report any errors they encounter while learning the new functionality of the tool. Periodically we will be uploading the latest version of Redatam7 and Redatam Webserver identified by its version and revision numbers; the improvements are cumulative so you just need to download the latest version to get a full version.

We invite you to be part of the development of REDATAM testing the software and sending in your suggestions and comments.


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