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About Planning for development


To foster reflection and debate on the challenges faced by States in their development strategies, to contribute to national and subnational efforts to build institutional capacities and train cadres of government officials, and to promote the dissemination of ideas formulated and proposals made by ECLAC.


  • To help States to build capacity in planning and public administration for sustainable development, by providing high value added services in the form of studies, consulting, training and the development of networks and communities of practice.
  • To help develop cadres of civil servants in the areas of planning and public policymaking and administration, to improve State action and strengthen its impact on public life.
  • To propose public policies, instruments and methodologies on planning to help achieve objectives of development with equality.
  • To act as a platform for intergovernmental dialogue for the exchange of experiences and best practices in public administration and development planning.
  • To promote the use of planning tools for formulating, implementing, monitoring and assessing national development policies, programmes and projects, thereby fostering sustainability and regional integration and cooperation.


  • Training, capacity-building and learning centre
  • Consulting, technical cooperation and building networks of practice and expertise
  • Research, publications and source of expertise on planning