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Staff - Hernán Santa Cruz Library

Wouter Schallier - Chief Librarian
Coordinates and directs the work of the Library. Responsible for strategic planning, management of human and financial resources, collaboration with the divisions of ECLAC, United Nations libraries and external organizations.

Luke Asprey - Customer Services. User Experience. Development and optimization of processes.

Linn Enger Leigland – Communication and Outreach
Responsible for communication and outreach. Coordinates the Library´s communication and outreach activities with ECLAC Divisions and external partners. Focal point for external and internal communication.

Claudia Vilches - Information Services. Training. Liaison
Responsible for the Information Services for internal and external users. Organizes training to officials of the Commission and external users on resources, products and services of the Library. Focal point for the following substantive Divisions of ECLAC: Gender Affairs, Productivity and Management, Statistics and ILPES.

Hector Aracena - Systems Administrator. Cataloguing. Liaison
Integrated library system administrator. Responsible for cataloging, indexing and classification of documents. Focal point for the following substantive divisions of ECLAC: CELADE (Population), International Trade and Integration, Economic Development and Natural Resources and Infrastructure.

María Fernanda Ruiz - Institutional Repository Project
Coordinates the implementation of the Institutional Repository, data migration and interoperability with other systems of the Commission and external repositories.

Jennifer Parra – Digital Communication Projects. Information Products and Services
Provides advice and contributes to various library projects. Develops information products and disseminates materials about the library and its services.

Marlene Salinas - Administration. Finances
Provides administrative, financial and organizational support to the Chief Librarian and the acquisitions team.

Fabián Barros - Digitization. Preservation. Space
Responsible for the maintenance of the Library's printed collections. Prepares and digitizes ECLAC's documents and publications for the Institutional Repository. Manages the physical space of the library.



Opening hours

Information service:
Monday to Thursday:  9 to 1pm / 2.30 to 5pm
Friday: 9 to 2pm

Reading Room: Open all day
Monday to Thursday:  9 to 6pm
Friday: 9 to 2pm

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