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Texts for Discussion - ECLAC / IPEA

An outlet for the work conducted by ECLAC and IPEA on economic and social development in Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean. Prepared by: ECLAC–IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) ISSN: 2179-5495.


Estruturas Ministeriais Comparadas: uma análise preliminar sobre a trajetória de Ministérios em 21 países (1990-2020)

Ministries are government structures that are located at the intersection between cycles of public policies, political party relations and the organizational design of direct public administration. Despite their relevance, the trajectory of the ministries over time is poorly understood, with an...

Autor: Santos Gomes, Silvana- Silveira, Luciana- da Silva Borges, Jaqueline- da Silva, Noëlle- Basso Pompeu, João Cláudio- Ferraz da Fonseca, Igor- Lassance, Antonio Descripción física: 41 p. Editorial: CEPAL, IPEA Fecha: March 2023 ECLAC symbol: LC/BRS/TS.2022/7