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Inequalities, labour inclusion and the future of work in Latin America

Inequalities, labour inclusion and the future of work in Latin America

The study of labour market inclusion serves to analyse the processes whereby people join the labour market and the characteristics of the jobs that they obtain. This publication analyses the labour market inclusion challenges that various groups in situations of vulnerability face in terms of the future of work, in particular women, young people, people of African descent and Indigenous Peoples. Labour markets in Latin America are undergoing significant interrelated and overlapping changes that threaten to exacerbate existing inequalities. These changes include those related to economic globalization and the restructuring of international trade; population ageing and migration; the digital economy and workplace automation; and climate change and the challenge of ensuring a just transition. Future labour trends call for an urgent reduction in the structural inequalities that define the region's labour markets to ensure that everyone can work together to meet emerging challenges and that countries and territories can take advantage of new opportunities to implement inclusive and sustainable development models.

December 2023
206 pages.

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