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Natural Resources and Development

Collection of publications on topics relating to natural resources management, logistics and mobility and physical integration in the region, among others. Prepared by: Natural Resources Division. ISSN: press: 2664-4525 ISSN electronic: 2664-4541.


Nature-based solutions and the bioeconomy: Contributing to a sustainable and inclusive transformation of agriculture and to the post-COVID-19 recovery

Nature-based solutions (NBS) stand at the forefront of efforts to address the multiple dimensions of global environmental change. This document reviews the synergies among multiple objectives that these solutions can offer to achieve greater sustainability in agriculture and to strengthen the...

Autor: Meza, Laura E.- Rodríguez, Adrián G. Descripción física: 75 p. Editorial: CEPAL Fecha: September 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/TS.2022/43

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