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Institutional publications under the purview of the Office of the Executive Secretary, prepared for sessions, high-level conferences, summits and the like. These publications fall into one category or another depending on the agenda and the type of preparatory materials. They set out the organization’s thinking and the actions it proposes to meet the challenges of development in the region. As such, the institution, not an individual or individuals, is the author.

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Report on the activities of the Commission, 2018

Report on the activities of the Commission, 2018

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) celebrated its seventieth anniversary in 2018. As an organization fully committed to the development of the region, ECLAC has consolidated its role as a leading think-tank of the United Nations Secretariat; has nurtured its convening role by providing intergovernmental platforms for policy dialogue, peer learning and normative discussion; and has provided policy advice, operational support and technical cooperation, at the request of member States, to implement capacity development activities at the regional, subregional and national levels.
This report on the activities carried out by the Commission in 2018, which...

NU. CEPAL October 2019
56 p.