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Latin America and Caribbean children’s right to nutritious food

2 April 2018|Newsletter Edition

Desafíos Seguridad Alimentaria

Desafíos Seguridad Alimentaria
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The second issue of the Challenges newsletter, which came out in 2006, focused on the right to food of the children of Latin America and the Caribbean. This issue returns to that subject but approaches it from a different angle, with the emphasis now being on all forms of malnutrition rather than solely on undernutrition. This shift in emphasis reflects changes in the type of food supply accessible to children in the region. The lead article offers a thoughtful analysis that, in addition to recognizing the significant inroads in this respect that have been made in Latin America and the Caribbean, underscores the development challenges posed by undernutrition, overweight and obesity among children—challenges that have yet to be addressed by the region’s societies. Chile’s experience with the reduction of undernutrition and its efforts to meet the challenges now being posed by child obesity are discussed in the “Viewpoints” section. In the “Learning from experience” section, the discussion turns to human milk banks, efforts to improve nutrition in rural schools in El Salvador and the introduction of a tax on the consumption of sugary beverages in Mexico.

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