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CEPAL Review no. 140

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CEPAL Review no. 140

Physical Description: 209 páginas Editorial: ECLAC Date: August 2023 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2023/15-P

Table of contents

Where next for Latin America? The two faces of the new Latin American capitalism / Jorge Katz .-- Informality, social protection and welfare during the COVID-19 crisis in four Latin American countries / Santiago Poy and Ramiro Robles .-- Legal frameworks and specialized institutional frameworks for the social and solidarity economy in Latin America / Juan Pablo Martí, Mario Radrigán, Dalia Borge, Hugo Jácome, Leandro Pereira, Marietta Bucheli, Juan José Rojas and Mario Schujman .-- When RateMyProfessors met Google Scholar: students’ evaluations and professors’ looks and research / Rómulo A. Chumacero, Ricardo D. Paredes and Tomás Reyes .-- The short-run consequences of the erosion of economic freedom for growth and institutions in Latin America: an unorthodox experimental review of the twenty-first century / Rafael Acevedo and María Lorca-Susino .-- Full dollarization versus monetary union: the case of Ecuador / Andrea Bonilla-Bolaños and Diego Villacreses .-- State aid and competition in the Dominican economy / Rolando M. Guzmán, Mercedes Magdalena Lizardo, Daniel de La Rosa and Lisselotte S. Gálvez .-- The young Raúl Prebisch and his 1919 translation of Adolph Wagner: clues to a relativist critique / Fágner João Maia Medeiros and Luiz Felipe Bruzzi Curi .-- Effects of the Continuous Benefit Programme on the nutritional status and food security of older persons in Brazil / Maritza Rosales, Leonardo Bornacki de Mattos and Cláudia César Batista Julião .-- Gross fixed capital formation in the Brazilian health sector: methodology and results for 2010–2019 / Tassia Gazé Holguin, Thiago Miguez, Lia Hasenclever and Fabio Freitas.