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Performance indicators associated with low-carbon energy technologies in Brazil: Evidence for an energy big push

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UN symbol.: LC/TS.2020/73 56 p. Editorial: ECLAC August 2020


Today, Brazil and many countries around the world are seeking to stimulate economic recovery and improve people’s quality of life. In this context, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) of the United Nations has been developing the Big Push for Sustainability, a renewed approach to support the efforts of the countries of the region to design more sustainable development models, by coordinating policies to promote investments that will transform existing models. The ECLAC office in Brasilia and the Center for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE), in conjunction with various partners, developed the Energy Big Push Brazil project, which provides evidence to promote innovation investment for a sustainable energy transition in Brazil. This publication aims to enhance readers’ understanding of the environmental, social and economic performance of different low-carbon energy technologies in the power generation, transportation and biofuels sectors, contributing to an energy big push in Brazil.

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Executive summary .-- Preamble .-- Introduction .-- I. Performance indicators for selected low-carbon energy solutions .-- II. Methodological considerations. Environmental pillar. Techno-economic pillar. Social pillar .-- III. Results and discussion. Power generation. Transportation. Biofuels .-- IV. Final remarks, recommendations and future developments.

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